"Mrs. Leadbetter is nothing less than delightful to work with, and is super knowledgeable when it comes to real estate. She knows what she’s doing." - S.J.D.

Our Services

Our firm offers a wide array of legal services with an emphasis on real estate matters - residential and commercial - including property rights and land use disputes, residential and commercial landlord-tenant matters, co-ownership and neighbor disputes, condo association and CC&R rules interpretation/advocacy, commercial and residential leasing and mediation services.

The firm also represents clients in real estate transactions including purchase and sale agreements, tenancy-in common agreements, condominium conversion issues, residential and commercial landlord-tenant counseling, and planning, zoning and permitting issues.

Landlord / Tenant


Representing ONLY LANDLORDS AND PROPERTY OWNERS regarding residential property issues in San Francisco County, our lawyers bring over 30 years of combined experience in representation in landlord/tenant disputes, San Francisco Rent Board hearings, mediations, arbitrations and other dispute resolution venues.

Preparation of and assistance with required notices pursuant to Section 37.9 of the San Francisco Rent Ordinance and as appropriate for prudent property management.


Representation of both landlords and tenants, including “small” property owners, in all aspects of lease negotiations, term extensions, lease assignments, wind-up of business lease termination agreements, exercise of option agreements, and document preparation for the refinancing of businesses (tenants) and properties (landlords).

Land Use

Assistance with analysis of highest and best use of your property, including representation of your interests with lenders, private companies, and governmental agencies, including the City and County of San Francisco Departments of Planning, Building Inspection, Housing Inspection, Public Works and Assessor/Recorder. Counseling on issues and aspects of re-zoning or change of use. Assistance with documentation as required by the California Department of Real Estate for the purchase and sale of multi-unit properties (“Public Reports”)

Contract Formation

All aspects of transactional real estate representation, including preparation of residential and commercial leases, preparation of purchase and sale of residential and commerical properties, preparation of documentation regarding sales of businesses.

For developers of San Francisco County, the preparation of easement agreements, access agreements, development management agreements, co-ownership agreements for both commercial and residential properties.

Creation of agreements regarding purchasing an interest in fee, a portion of an LLC, assignment and assumption of leases, purchase and sales of businesses - general agreements regarding real estate related transactions.

Dispute Resolution

In conciliation, we collect factual information from both parties to a dispute, encourage open communication and facilitate discussions leading to a resolution.

In mediation, we will provide an attorney to talk with the parties and guide them in working out their own mutually-agreeable solutions.

If conciliation and/or mediation efforts are not successful, arbitration may be the next step. We represent clients at arbitration hearings, offer evidence and let an impartial arbitrator make a decision that ends the dispute.